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Magic Assistants operates in Buffalo and Western New York, providing a variety of cleaning services including hoarding clean up! Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. We provide professional cleaning services designed to keep your home sparkling and beautiful so that you can focus on things that matter more to you!

You’re in control with Magic Assistants! Services are adjustable and additional services can be added or subtracted to coincide with your expectations.

A hoarding situation requires professionals who can navigate the issues, but also people who treat clients with compassion and empathy. While we are not professional therapists, we are professionals at moving swiftly and quickly throughout a home to help remove the clutter and put your house back into a home.

How Does it Work?

Hoarding concerns or cleanings can be done in two different ways with us.

The first way is by working side by side with you determining what is “keep”, “trash”, or “donate-able”. Once items are compiled into one of those three categories we get to work assembling and cleaning your home. As we scrub, dust, and care for your home we’ll place your “keep” items in their respective places or rooms. The process of determining those three categories is by working side by side with you and as simple as holding items up and you telling us which category it belongs to. The process can move as swiftly or as slowly as you’d like. All trash is placed in contractor bags and placed outside the home, your donate-able items are placed in contractor bags or boxes and typically placed in a garage or extra room of the home giving you time to bring them to their destination or we can help distribute them if needed.

The second way is by leaving us a list of what is to be kept and what is to be donated and a list of items you haven’t seen and hope to find. Leaving us to remove everything else from the home and then scrubbing everything down. However please keep in mind that we most certainly understand the delicacy of this nature and always keep our eye’s out for pictures, paperwork, important documents, and memorabilia. The second way is typically scheduled by a family member or friend who is determined to help their loved one and would like the process to go as quickly as possible.

We tackle each room separately but generally begin by creating 1 full empty room to utilize as our designated space for your three categories. Each hoarding clean out is different and each has their own unique needs and process to achieve the final results and because of this, an initial walk-through is detrimental to determine what those needs and processes may be.

I’m embarrassed to ask for help, where do I begin? Magic Assistants is a family oriented company and prides itself on establishing trusted relationships. We are not here to judge; we have helped some of our own family members with this very concern. A hoarding disorder is characterized by excessive acquisition and inability or unwillingness to discard objects. We’re here to hold your hand along the way and cheer you on. While cheering you on to make decisions that will bring your house back into a home the great part is that we’re here until the end. We scrub, polish, mop, vacuum and organize you back into a home you’ll be proud to show off.

Once I have decided I want help, what’s the next step? We will schedule a walk-through of your home and go over all of your concerns, issues, fears, and address the situation together. We will help you determine if additional outside resources may be needed in order to begin your cleaning i.e asbestos removal, black mold removal, pest control, etc. If your comfortable with our recommendations and the process we’ve determined together and look forward to working with us; we will then begin to set up your first appointment. Hoarding clean out’s typically take several appointments and are scheduled in teams of 4 or more depending on the concerns of the home.


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