Reduce Dust in Your Home

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Dust driving you insane? here are a few tips and tricks to help reduce the amount of dust in your home! 


Vacuum your home twice a week when possible using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Vacuuming your home regularly with HEPA equipped vacuums helps to reduce the dust particles in your home especially if your vacuum filters are cleaned/changed regularly. Maintenance your vacuum at your local repair shop, this will ensure that your vacuum is in tip top shape as well. Most vacuum repair shop will clean your vacuum out completely, change worn belts and beater bars and alert you to any electrical problems with your cord.

Change filters in your home! is your home heated and/or cooled by a central system? If so, don’t forget to change out your filters as recommended this helps to continue to trap dust particles. When your filters are clogged or not changed regularly they are unable to perform at peak operation. As a bonus have you ever tried a fragrant clip on to your filters? They come in many scents and can give your home a light fragrance of your desired choice.

Get an Air Purifier! Air purifier’s clean the air in your home by trapping dust particles. If you have a larger home you may opt to place an air purifier in each bedroom and the main living areas of the home.  A lot of air purifiers come equipped with filters that are washable some even as easy as throwing it in your dishwasher.

Dust with Microfiber Dusting Towels; the fabric in a microfiber dusting towel (or rag as we call them) is designed to trap and hold dust making dusting much more effective.  Side Note: when laundering your microfiber towels do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets this breaks down their effectiveness and the ability for them to keep dust trapped.

Reduce Knick-Knacks or Clutter! The more decor you have the harder it is to dust regularly because it becomes more time-consuming. This also creates more items for the dust to settle on, reducing knick-knacks or clutter will leave surfaces much easier to clean.

Seal up Cracks around your home; dust can enter your home from the outside. Use caulk to seal open cracks around doors and window frames around your home. This also helps reduce energy costs as your heating and/or AC is not leaking out of those cracks.



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