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Questions typically asked when booking a deeper cleaning

How long will it take to clean my home? 

Every home is different and each home has its own unique level of cleaning needs. Some homes are cleaned regularly, and some homes are cleaned when possible. Hectic schedules, families, and life can play a major role in the leftover time you have for your home. It is impossible to give an exact time frame on how long it will take on a deep cleaning because of the different variables, desires, and requests that can be accommodated. For instance, deep cleanings include the inside of appliances, windows, and cabinetry but some clients prefer to not include them or just some of them. Some homes require a deeper cleaning of woodwork and bathrooms, while others require a deeper cleaning of dust accumulation. Any cleaning expert will tell you that cleaning can truly be an endless task, there is always something to clean. However, we can gauge a potential time frame point based on the criteria of the home and what you would like included or excluded.

I’m working within a budget, how can we accommodate this?
We can set up a time limit of your home based on your budgeting needs. We recommend creating a checklist of priorities in order of preference so that we are utilizing your time frame caring for the most important rooms or areas first.

How does the process work? 
Seasonal Cleaning or Deep cleanings are typically booked in teams of 3 unless the home is on the larger size and requires more team members. When your team arrives they will ask to be shown around your home this is the perfect opportunity to point out any and all concerns or issues you’ve noticed or want worked on. If someone is not available to walk through the home Magic Assistants team members will get to work performing a top to bottom cleaning as outlined in their work order (all information collected during the time of booking your appointment). We always start at the highest level of the home and work our way toward the exit of the home. Magic Assistants team members are trained to work in pairs (partners) and in a unison fashion of one another. This allows us to move as swiftly as possible within the home accomplishing your cleaning tasks in an effective manner.

What if I want them to work on different things?
This is when a checklist in order of preference is recommended, for instance, let’s say your checklist includes Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Common Areas Only. Your cleaning team already knows that bathrooms take the longest aside from Kitchens but you have multiple bathrooms. A team of 3 will divide to accommodate this, 1 team member starting in the Kitchen while your 2 remaining team members clean the bathrooms together. Your team is trained to know timing and the best avenues to take to complete as much as possible within a time frame. When your team members are guided toward multiple areas in different directions this is creating an ineffective cleaning routine, and thus not utilizing your time effectively.

Do I have to be home? 
Approximately 70% of our clients are not home during their cleaning appointments. We do highly recommend someone meet us during your first appointment, especially on one-time appointments.  Showing us around your home and pointing out your concerns or issues gives us the opportunity to see your home from your eyes. We’re able to see what’s most important, what windows your fur babies like to lick a lot which is incredibly helpful when the inside of windows are not included (we’d still like to grab that window or two that your fur babies gravitate to the most), or where hampers are located to place clothing in we may find during our cleaning, where garbage cans are located and where the bags removed should be placed, if it is ok to place dishes in a dishwasher or if you’d like to have them hand washed and set out to dry. There are many things within a home that can raise questions in order to provide a more effective cleaning and walking through the home together helps to answer most of these questions. The more we know about your home the easier it is to ensure a successful outcome; tailoring your appointment towards your requests and preferences.




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